14 Years of Experience

Gathered together by the unification of two strong and longtime expertise PR agencies: Borțun Olteanu PR and Digital Consulting & People Public Relationships Agency. We creed our consulting and survey on building: Strong relationships with our clients, Always-on enduring brand building & Strategic communication and deployment.

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Awards & Recognition

In 2013, through the light of our campaigns, Gillette appeared for the first time in the SuperBrands Consumer Recognition Book, winning the Bronze Medal.

We were awarded with Gold at SABRE Awards for the relaunch of Cafeneaua Veche – the oldest café place in Bucharest.

In the same year, we won at PR Awards:

a. Golden Award for Excellence for a PR Campaign –  Romanian Design Week
b. Silver Award for Excellence for a PR Marketing  and Social Media – Cafeneaua Veche
c. Diploma of Excellence for a PR Campaign – PepsiCo Lay’s România