Arch of Triumph is a monument of architecture and cultural heritage, which commemorates the victory of the Romanian armies in the First World War, the emergence of Greater Romania and the coronation of King Ferdinand I & Queen Maria.

45But for the the Arch of Triumph to remain a valuable historical monument and for it to be open to the public & Tourist Circuit it’s required both engineering & communication strategy to strengthen it. The 2014-2015 objective for this project is to restore and preserve the historical monument, maintaining both its cultural heritage and including it in Bucharest's Tourist Circuit. 

The project targets cultural tourism, in order to save it from impairment. Based on the complex development of this project, we aim to increase the number of tourists by about 6% in the first five years after 2015.

trrrFurthermore, we want to develop 12 permanent jobs, maintain 20 jobs during project’s implementation, ensuring a properly interior space for both visitors and indoor heritage – by featuring specific machinery and equipment.

The project also aims to provide access via pedestrian roads to Arc within the area of protection, thus improving access to the monument.

The project will be implemented through a grant awarded by Regio Regional Operational Programme 2007 – 2013, Priority Axis 5 "Sustainable development and tourism promotion", Key Area of ​​Intervention 5.1 "Restoration and sustainable cultural heritage and the creation / modernization related infrastructure ".

Date: 2012 - 2015

Client: Bucharest City Hall

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