Pioneering spirit, hard work, prestige, ambition, inspiration, leadership, confidence. These attributes are the ingredients for success – they are the traits of those who receive awards! Being an award winner is the key element through which Glenfiddich is distinguished and constitutes the essential feature through which its consumers differentiate themselves.

By drinking Glenfiddich, they are making a statement of their success and integrating it into their lifestyle – they are seen and recognized as winners.

ggggrWe created a platform centered around success & successful people and make it popular with the help of quality ambassadors in social media. And this is how The Glenfiddich Book of Success online platform was born, aiming a long term ambition – to become the biggest successful people community in Romania.

The online platform was sustained by the Gelnfiddich Romania Facebook Page, along ambassador & bloggers. The platform offers the necessary resources for converting non-Glenfiddich drinkers and strengthening the loyalty of Glenfiddich drinkers. Glenfiddich is the drink of leaders, offering them not just a treat for their senses, but also subjects for intelligent and profound conversation. The blended malt drinkers are educated and convinced to make contact with single malt because this type of whisky is the one that corresponds to their values. Glenfiddich therefore restates its position as an authority and a conaisseur when it comes to success, strengthening it as „The World’s Most Awarded Single Malt”.


We developed The Book of Success online platform which became the biggest database of successful people and a source of resources for the media and the public. By choosing the online channel, we could create a community around it, gathering people from all over the world, people who shared the same values and could discuss over a glass of Glenfiddich.

gggThe project started with the Who’s Who pillar, a pilot edition featuring 10 successful Romanians. The concept that united them was mentorship. Each of the 10 pioneers achieved success with the help of a mentor who served as inspiration and support at the beginning of their careers. Exactly like William acknowledges his seven sons and two daughters who helped him build the Glenfiddich distillery and fulfill his lifelong ambition, the 10 pioneers show recognition to the contributing factors of their success. And these are human factors with strong values. Andreea Bădală, Attila Kim, Camelia Şucu, Emmanuel Damanakis, Madeleine Florescu, Chris Simion, Mihai Pohonţu, Sebastian Burduja, Ştefan Iordache and Andi Vasluianu are not only successful people, but also pioneers in their fields who received awards for their achievements.

Through the concept of mentorship, the pioneers showed that they didn’t make it on their own, becoming themselves a source of optimism and inspiration for those who want to succeed. Their stories were written as a conversation, pushing them to acknowledge the people who supported them at the beginning of their careers, the people in which they see potential for success and colleagues of their generation they applaud.

Date: 2013

Client: Alexandrion Grup

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