In 2009, we organized The Gillette Phenomenal Tour – the longest running relay-race in the World, a collective effort, a non-stop race around Romania's borders. The 65.000 km carried the steps of those who wanted to fight for their need of freedom and adventure, and pushed an even bigger and enduring meaningthat there is something phenomenal in every man.

uyThey had to prove it no less than that along 14 days in 3 teams – 8 hour shifts. 10 organizers prepared each city-event, 10 collaborators and over 250 partners were involved on this quest on achieving the phenomenal dream. For 336 hours, 15 professional athletes carried the relay without dropping it and 24 national and local VIPs participated as volunteers in the race.

Over 20.000 branded materials were produced, including T-shirts, running equipment, relay batons, welcome lanes, posters, printed invitations, cars. Also , 93 accessories were acquired, including signaling panel, car rooftops, car floodlights, fog lamps, generatosr, cables, mobile trailers, GPS devices.

Step by step, kilometer by kilometer, 265 press materials both local and national media covered the journey, including it in 42 print articles, 92 TV news – out of which 31 on national stations, 19 radio news and 112 online articles.


At the finish line, we unveiled thier trophy: the Guinness World Records Certificate for the longest relay race in the world. Furthermore, each person who participated in this project received his own personalized Guinness World Records diploma. 

Every runner proved it right: there's something truly phenomenal in every man.

Date: 2009

Client: Procter & Gamble

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