In 2013, Gillette wanted to launch its most innovative razor on the market – Fusion ProGlide Silver Touch – especially addressing men with sensitive skin. But it had to overcome a major barrier, a general myth among Balkan men, and Romanian men in particular: having sensitive skin is less manly viewed among others Romanians.

In the same year, one of Romania’s biggest boxers – Lucian Bute – was striving to regain his glory as worldwide boxing champion, after his defeat in early 2012 when he lost his IBF title that he held for the past 5 years. The perception of his defeat among local men was aired as a lack of manliness among Romanian men.

Our strategy was to trigger a real men support for our national boxer Lucian Bute and therefore to burst out the myth which stated the reeelack manliness when talking about sensitive moments and sensitive skin. The goal was to ignite the idea that sensitivity among men is a journey that we all take and, most of all, that we must assume it in order to succeed our goals of becoming the best in what we do, the best in how we feel. 

We took our champion Lucian Bute to what really matters in a sharp boxing comeback: to face his training among fans and therefore charge men to overcome the barrier in sensitive skin and to shift a mentality habit regarding manliness. 
At the event, we further took it to another level, and launched a real time Facebook interactive video app – The Real Men Camp – in which both Gillettte fans as well as men alike would box-train with Lucian Bute.

Our Facebook application was the main focus in the digital campaign. Users entered in a competition in which they interacted with Lucian Bute via  exclusive iVideos and challenges, were trained for 6 weeks. Users “fought” to get more points in order to get in Gillette’s top rankings. Best competitors were awarded weekly with ‘’The Sensitive Skin KIT’’ (campaign products). 



Aiming to increase e-sales, our strategic business goal in this phase was to leverage product benefit and superiority in engaging video content. By watching each video or by purchasing the new Fusion ProGlide, each competitor gathered extra points in his quest of becoming the best in the Real Men Camp.





Pointing out the real toughness of boxing trainings, the 10 best users from Real Men Camp Facebook app, along with 3 bloggers, were sent to Romania’s Olympic Village for a real boxing training coordinated by Bute, where the winners had to withstand real boxing training. 

The Real Men Camp champion was awarded in a special Gala that we created. His championship belt was a great achievement of men support: he got to support Bute in his Montreal match. In the end, the campaign champion stood shoulder to shoulder with Bute in the decisive match: a picture to be remembered forever.

Combining Gillette’s brand heritage and product innovation with Bute’s desire to regain his title, the campaign took media and consumers on a product brand experience journey that coined the biggest online and offline PR campaign for Gillette in Romania: the Real Men Camp campaign. 

Date: 2013

Client: Procter & Gamble

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