We launched UNICEF's first online fund in Romania, a raising awareness campaign in order to offer support for families in need and for their poor children to attend school exams and courses .  

UNICEF’s campaign was called “The future of children starts at school”  – we had to push the messages in a social media integrated approach in order to acknowledge the problem in a peer to peer angle.
We created www.sustineunicef.ro  – a micro-site platform supporting the online donations. Its main purpose was to attract as many donors as possible and also raise awareness about the importance of school in our children’s lives.

We set the “Susține UNICEF” Facebook Page which was connected to the platform. During the whole campaign, a mini-series of video interviews were posted, illustrating in detail the story of Ion, one of the children who had benefited from these donations.

Bloggers shared stories about how school influenced their life and concluded it with a call to action message to donate for “The future of children starts at school” UNICEF campaign. On websites, UNICEF ran a series of online banners to help raise awareness and funds. More than 49,497 fans on the Facebook page and also 14,926 unique visitors in one month gained attention over the problem.

Date: 2010

Client: UNICEF Romania

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